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Everything RV, 4WD, touring and tourism with some travel music to boot

=== Antman is having a break in 2019 ===

Tune in to Yarra Valley FM 99.1 every Thursday from 2pm till 4pm for a show with a difference covering everything RV, 4WD, touring and tourism with some travel music to boot.

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The Silo Trail
S02E06 (414 downloads)
On this show Antman chatted in detail about the amazing silo trail through Victoria, and the various routes and towns along the trail. 28 Feb 2019
Flying Solo
S02E05 (375 downloads)
Antman flew solo giving away tickets to the huge Caravan & Camping show whilst covering topics such as touring on bikes, a gasless caravan and more! 21 Feb 2019
Valentines Day Travelling
S02E04 (378 downloads)
Stax the Didgeman joined Antman on the show and covered Valentines Day, stories about travel and advice on buying a van. 14 Feb 2019
Remembering Black Saturday
S02E03 (372 downloads)
4WD guru Jason Loch popped in to chat about the 10th Anniversary of Black Saturday, snorkels in detail and a raft of other topics relating to touring. 07 Feb 2019
Australia Day
S02E02 (386 downloads)
Antman has a huge discussion about being a proud Australian with plenty of facts about Australia Day. There was also discourse on the Murray-Darling system, snake bite and the Polly Waffle is back! 24 Jan 2019
New Year Welcome Back
S02E01 (376 downloads)
In the first show back for 2019 Matt Frost and Mark Lowry from ARB join Antman in a great chat about touring Australia, droughts, floods and the Murray Darling Basin along with plenty of travel tips. 17 Jan 2019
Portman’s Australian Adventures
S01E07 (754 downloads)
Geoff and Lisa Portman were responsible for opening up Australia in regard to serious remote travel in the Outback with tag-along tours. 13 Dec 2018
High Country Huts
S01E06 (392 downloads)
The Summer break is almost upon us and Anthony talks about travel in the High Country and many of the various huts dotted throughout this magnificent piece of Australia. 29 Nov 2018
Lemon Laws
S01E05 (386 downloads)
Changes Lemon Laws regarding warranty and statutory warranty. His Ant Rant is on rubbish being left on the road and around out beautiful parks and gardens. There’s some waffle on preparing you caravan, camper and vehicle for storage. 22 Nov 2018
Cape York
S01E04 (367 downloads)
In this show Anthony chats about travelling to Cape York and some of his amazing adventures in the north east of the country. Antman also looks at the pros and cons of on bituminising our iconic Outback Roads plus he plays some great music to boot! 15 Nov 2018
S01E03 (388 downloads)
Anthony chats about Summer hitting us early and travel during the Summer months with regard to safety, fire plans and preparedness. 05 Nov 2018
Croydon Bushwalking Club
S01E02 (506 downloads)
In this latest episode of Antman's RV & 4x4 Show Anthony chats with Quentin van Abbe, the President of the Croydon Walking Club. 25 Oct 2018
Caravanning with Harmony
S01E01 (393 downloads)
In this latest episode of Antman's RV & 4x4 Show Anthony chats with Harmony Chynoweth in a fun filled show. Harmony has quit her high-profile job, bought a new vehicle and contracted a caravan company to build her a custom off-road caravan. 18 Oct 2018