Presented by Cora Zon and Luke Sinclair

Interviews with zinemakers, Thursdays at noon.

Interviews with zinemakers, hosted by Cora Zon and Luke Sinclair on Thursdays at noon.

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Sabina Wills
S2024E04 (105 downloads)
Cora and Luke have a chat with comic maker Sabina Wills. 01 Feb 2024
Peter Tyndall
S2023E07 (165 downloads)
Peter Tyndall, Ela Egidy, VCA students Amelia Lee, Elle Natalotto and
Em Doohan discuss the zines made for Peter Tyndall's exhibition showing at Buxton Contemporary.
16 Mar 2023
Dr Anna Poletti
S2022E51 (167 downloads)
This week's special guest is zinemaker and Associate Professor of English Language and Culture at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Dr Anna Poletti. 22 Dec 2022
Bjargey Ólafsdóttir
S2022E50 (111 downloads)
Bjargey Ólafsdóttir joins us from Reykjavik, Iceland to discuss their Virtual Residency at Sticky Institute through Melbourne City of Literature. 15 Dec 2022